Organic Cotton – Good for the environment, good for people

For many products GREIFF uses organic cotton from controlled ecological cultivation - because this helps to protect the environment. Organic cotton does not need chemical pesticides, is not genetically modified and its cultivation uses less water than the cultivation of conventional cotton.

According to Fairtrade, around 100 million households around the world are involved in the production of cotton. So how it is grown has a direct impact on the lives of many people. The use of organic cotton therefore also has important social aspects: Cotton farmers live with their families in a healthier environment, get higher prices for their products and take care of the soil, which is their production base, in a sustainable way.

The use of organic cotton has many advantages:

  • No use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers
  • Less impact on water and soil
  • Natural fertilisers such as manure and compost are used to maintain and improve soil fertility
  • No monoculture: increased biodiversity through crop rotation
  • Long-term trade relations
  • Better economic situation for cotton farmers
  • Incentive for a change in agriculture

Workwear with Organic Cotton from GREIFF

See a selection of our products containing organic cotton.

Color: Burgundy | Size: 3XL
Ladies polo shirt regular fit

VAT included
Color: Burgundy | Size: 3XL
Color: Burgundy | Size: XXL
Men's polo shirt regular fit

VAT included
Color: Black | Size: XL
Men's top regular fit

VAT included
Color: Bleu | Size: XXL
Ladies shirt blouse regular fit

VAT included
Color: Black | Size: M