Tencel: Provides you with natural comfort

Workwear needs to be comfortable and functional. In addition, many people value the knowledge that their workwear has been made from sustainable materials.

GREIFF uses Tencel in parts of its collection.

The cellulose fibre Lyocell is available under the brand name Tencel and is obtained is from the renewable raw material wood. the bio-based fibre is produced in an environmentally friendly process and is also certified as compostable and biodegradable. It can therefore be completely returned to nature.

Tencel is also known for its natural comfort: the innovative and sustainable fabric is comfortably soft and breathable. With these features, it is a practical companion in everyday care and is used in the GREIFF CARE collection.

Tencel and its advantages:

  • The fibre is made from the renewable raw material wood
  • It is biodegradable
  • It stands for natural wearing comfort

Care garments with Tencel from GREIFF

See here our products with Tencel fibre.

Color: White | Size: 4XL
Ladies Tencel scrub top

VAT included
Color: Green | Size: M