Grüner Knopf (Green Button) – a government-run certification label for sustainable textiles

Attached directly to the product, the Grüner Knopf (Green Button) has been offering guidance to all those who seek socially and ecologically produced textiles since 9 September 2019. The government-run certification label creates transparency and trust. In order to obtain it, companies must comply with 46 social and environmental criteria - along the supply and production chain, from cutting and sewing to bleaching and dyeing, every detail counts. The fulfilment of these criteria is checked by independent bodies.

GREIFF carries products with a Grüner Knopf label.

First of all, we have received a Grüner Knopf certification for parts of our Gastro collection:  Anyone who considers price as well as quality is able to make an ecological purchase decision with this collection - because within GREIFF Gastro, those articles that are already available at an entry-level price are certified with the Grüner Knopf. Since autumn 2020, we have also been offering Grüner Knopf certified clothing for the care sector- as the first manufacturer ever.

Workwear carrying the Grüner Knopf label is manufactured in line with the following criteria, among others (excerpt):

  • No forced or child labour
  • Payment of minimum wage
  • Ban on hazardous chemicals
  • Monitoring of air pollution and emissions
  • Guarantee of labour protection and safety
  • Prohibition of discrimination and harassment

Workwear from GREIFF with the Grüner Knopf label

See a selection of our products with the Grüner Knopf label here.

Men's chef jacket with concealed press studs regular fit

Variants from €44.95*
VAT included
Color: Light grey | Size: 4XL
With concealed press studs. Grüner Knopf certified.
Men's trousers regular fit

VAT included
Color: White | Size: 60
Practical 5-pocket cut with flexible waistband.
Color: Light grey | Size: M
With concealed press studs. Grüner Knopf certified.
Color: B/w check pattern | Size: 58
5-pocket style. Grüner Knopf certified.
Color: Light grey | Size: XL
With concealed press stud placket.
Men's Slip trousers regular fit

VAT included
Color: Black | Size: S
Comfortable and practical. Grüner Knopf certified.
Unisex scrub top with V-neck

VAT included
Color: Light grey | Size: S
With fashionable V-neck.
Color: White | Size: S
Color: Lime green | Size: L
With extended back.
Color: White | Size: XXL
Grüner Knopf certified.