SEAQUAL – Together for a clean ocean

Plastic waste pollutes our oceans and endangers biodiversity. Sustainability is firmly anchored in GREIFF's corporate philosophy and we want to do our bit to make the world's oceans cleaner.

That is why GREIFF carries products with SEAQUAL YARN.

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with non-governmental organisations, fishermen, authorities and local communities to help clean up our oceans. Clean-up programmes collect litter from beaches, ocean floor and surface, as well as from rivers and estuaries. It is then sorted into different types of material, the plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic. The resulting raw material is then used to create new products – at GREIFF we use SEAQUAL YARN for some of our knitwear.


  • helps to fight marine plastic pollution
  • works with NGOs, fishermen, communities, authorities, industry and brands to help clean our oceans of marine litter
  • is a unique collaborative community that works with ocean clean-up programs around the world to bring value to the waste they recover

Workwear with SEAQUAL YARN by GREIFF

See here our knitwear with SEAQUAL Yarn.

Color: Navy blue | Size: L
Color: Grey | Size: M
Color: Navy blue | Size: XL
Color: Grey | Size: XS