The finishing touch to your look.

With workwear that fits well and is the right size, you will look respectable in your everyday working life. But choosing your clothes is only the first step on your way to the perfect business look - it's just as important to handle your new garments properly. To keep everything in shape, we have put together care instructions for you - and with our information on collar shapes and tie knots, styling also becomes easy.


You want your workwear to always look well-groomed and last a long time - even though it is put under a lot of strain in your day-to-day work. With our advice, textile care is easy.


Perfectly fitted workwear guarantees you a professional appearance. For this, you should take your measurements correctly before ordering. Our measuring videos will help you to determine your clothing size correctly.


Do you prefer a slim or a comfortable cut? At GREIFF we have workwear in three fits - so you will definitely find the cut that suits you.


A well-fitted shirt collar adds the finishing touch to your business outfit. But which collar should you combine with a tie? And which collar goes with which dress code? We have the answers.


Tying ties is an art in itself - it is easier with the appropriate knowledge about the different tie knots. We present the most common variations.


You want a more individual equipment for your team? No problem - we'll be happy to tailor a CI WEAR just the way you want it.